Smart Start Academy is partnering with Miami Valley Child Development Centers Inc. to provide an Early Head Start Program to its families. 


Early Head Start is a full day and full year, comprehensive child development program. The program services children 6 weeks to 3 years old. The program is a federally funded community-based program for income eligible families with infant and toddlers. Early Head Start enhances the development of very young children, and promotes healthy family functioning. It provides educational, medical, social service, and parental involvement opportunities for the families served and stresses positive attitudes, which are instrumental in developing the individual abilities.

Some notable benefits of the program include:

  • Smaller Staff to Children Ratios (1 staff member to 4 children)
  • All teachers required to have at minimum an Infant-Toddler Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Diaper cost assistance
  • Assigned Family Support Specialist (FSS) 
  • Extra support services such as Child Health Follow-up, Mental Health and Family Support 

Family Incomes must be under 100% of poverty in order to qualify for the program. Unless the child has an identified disability.

See chart below for the maximum income level allowed for the program.

2015 Health & Human Services Income Guidelines Before Taxes

Number in Household 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Income $11,770 $15,930 $20,090 $24,250 $28,410 $32,570 $36,730 $40,890 $45,050

For larger households, add $4,160 for each additional person in the home.


Because Early Head Start begins to prepare your child for kindergarten, it is important that he/she is present and on time every day. Similar to attending elementary school, your child's teacher is preparing lessons that build on your child's learning each day.


A healthy child is ready to learn. It is important that your child has a complete physical and dental to ensure that there are no health issues that need attention including dental health, social and emotional wellness.

Your child will experience familiar and culturally diverse foods served during meal times and during classroom/home nutrition activities.


A Family Support Specialist (FSS) or Coach will be available to work individually with each family  as needed. They will refer families who need helot medical services, social service agencies, employment, or other local agencies to meet their needs and support them o ensure access to needed services. 


Your child's Teacher and FSS/Coach will visit you in your home throughout the year to:

  • Discuss your child's development and progress.
  • Support you in reinforcing the learning that goes on during a typical Early Head Start day by providing learning activities at home.
  • Partner with you to develop plans and goals for your family.


Parents/guardians are an important part of Early Head Start. Parents can help plan activities for other parents and children. As a parent, you can take part in training classes that might concentrate on parenting, health and nutrition, job readiness or literacy. 


With the passing of the Head Start Act of 2007, school readiness goals have been established for infants and toddlers using the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework as a guide. 

Our researched-based curricular approach individualized learning experiences. To guide our teaching, an ongoing assessment is used to monitor children's progress. 

Our Early Head Start Program provides individualized activities and classroom experiences based on the interests and development level of each child which prepares your child for kindergarten success and beyond.