Title XX assistance is available to parents who are working or are in school. Eligibility is determined by Job and Family Services. Parents are still required to pay for part of their child care, which is called a co-payment. The co-payment amount is based upon income, family size and the number of children in child care. 






At Smart Start Academy we strive to provide the most competitive private pay rates to our parents. For families with multiple children enrolled, we provide a 10% discount off of the oldest child's weekly tuition rate. Also, there is a 10% discount for parents using our Tuition Express payment system.

INFANTS (6 weeks - 18 mos) Weekly Rate  
Full Time (20 to 50 hrs) $246.65  
Part Time ( Less than 20 hrs) $157.30


TODDLERS (18 mos - 3 years) Weekly Rate  
Full Time (20 to 50 hrs) $221.13  
Part Time (Less than 7 hrs) $125.84  
PRE-SCHOOL/PRE-K (3-5 years) Weekly Rate  
Full Time $195.05  
Part Time $103.82  
SCHOOL-AGE Weekly Rate Daily Rate
Full Time (Includes transportation) $188.71 n/a
Part Time (Includes transportation) $125.00 n/a